Bringing Them Back to Life: Taxidermy with Becca Barnet


For some time now, The Charleston Museum has been working closely with Becca Barnet, of Sisal & Tow, on the design for our Natural History Gallery renovation project. While she and the Museum’s staff have been planning the gallery section by section, Barnet has also been performing needed taxidermy and repair work on the bird and mammal mounts that will appear in the new gallery.

DSC_2753 DSC_2757


Her special expertise and patience for taxidermy repair, as well as her love for the natural world and preservation, has led her to work with a number of museums on a variety of projects. Once finished, over 100 of these specimens will be restored and better preserved for display.




To learn more about Becca Barnet and her work, join us for the final installment of our Fall Lecture Series on November 7, The Art of Taxidermy, in which she will discuss the process in detail, her experience working in the field and how the practice is both an art form and a tool for education.