The Historic Textiles Gallery will be closed June 5-16 as we prepare Part II of our 250th Anniversary exhibit. The Loeblein Silver Gallery -- where Eliza Lucas Pinckney's gown is on display -- will remain open.
The Charleston Museum is pleased to present Kidstory, a fun and exciting, hands-on exhibit for children, where the fascinating history of Charleston and the Lowcountry comes alive.

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Natural Discoveries

In Natural Discoveries, explore the extraordinary ecosystem of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Get a close up view of feathers and insects using the large screen microscope and identify animals that make the Lowcountry home by their tracks, burrows, calls and scat.

Lighting Up the Coast

Light up a replica of the Morris Island Lighthouse that guided ships into Charleston’s harbor, and learn what life was like for the family of a lighthouse keeper living on the island in the 1880s.

The Port City

Hoist a “jolly roger” pirate flag, rummage through crates to find what went through the port of Charleston, and learn to tie sailor’s knots as you discover the Lowcountry’s historic connection to the sea. Learn about the crops that generated the region's great wealth and the enslaved Africans who helped create that wealth. Understand how the slaves arrived here and the knowledge they brought with them. Find out about the pirates who once terrorized the South Carolina coast.

Heyward-Washington House

Step through the door of a “kid-sized” version of The Charleston Museum's Heyward-Washington House and experience the life of a child in colonial Charleston. Play with toys like those that belonged to colonial era children, have a tea party next to the fireplace, or try on reproduction 18th century child clothing.

Lowcountry Stories

Hear tall tales of the South Carolina Lowcountry in Lowcountry Stories, which features an interactive storytelling station with video of local storytellers telling entertaining tales of Charleston, Gullah people, Native Americans, and more.


Kidstory also features regularly rotating exhibits inspired by children. Currently on display is Feathered Friends, featuring mounts of birds from around the world.

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