Artillery and Ammunition of The Civil War

Warren Ripley has written and compiled the most complete, accurate, and detailed book on Civil War cannon and cannon projectiles ever published. With 660 illustrations and more than 150,000 words, this book will become the “bible” for thousands of historians, collectors, hobbyists, and students in the field. In fact,l the book offers in a single package more information than was available to Civil War artillerymen, since it includes weapons from both sides and from many European sources.
The period covered by this book is known as a transitional era. It was at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution when anything and everything was tried in the manufacture and use of cannon. This experimentation has since given rise to confusion among historians and collectors. Many doubtful points – and many outright errors – have been cleared up by the author in the massive research he put into the writing of this book.
The weapons here described were employed on land and sea, field, and fort. In many cases, their development is traced from a far earlier period and is carried forward into succeeding decades to present an incomparable overview of 19th-century artillery. The carriages on which the weapons rested and the implements necessary for the operation of crew-served weapons are similarly treated. Cannon manufacture and destruction, the composition of batteries, the horse and harness, fortification, and many other facets of the artilleryman’s art are considered in detail.


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