Wickliffe House

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Black and white photograph of the north rear elevation (left) of the Wickliffe House (also known as the John Hume Lucas House) located at 178 Ashley Avenue. Note: The Library of Congress lists this building as the Willard-Tobias House.

Constructed in 1850 by John Hume Lucas, it is designed in the Greek Revival style with portico columns topped by Tower of the Winds capitals. Both the interior and exterior feature rich plasterwork and woodwork throughout. Miss Margaret Wickliffe donated the house to the Medical University of South Carolina where it was restored in 1977.

Photographer Charles N. Bayless, funded by grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, photographed and recorded the Carolina Lowcountry between 1970 and 1988. The South Carolina Project took place between 1977 and 1979.