Short-barreled Blunderbuss

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Currently on exhibit in the Armory at the Museum, this short-barreled blunderbuss is equipped with a brass barrel and buttplate attached to a walnut stock with an iron lock plate, trigger, and hammer. The originial flintlock action has been converted to percussion cap. The ramrod is wooden with a bone cap on one end and a steel/iron screw on the other. There is also an octagonal bone piece set into the stock behind the barrel. The rear portion of the barrel is octagonal in shape but rounds out after approxmately one inch. Three customized proof marks are located on the top of the barrel and two crowns and a decorative brass plate is affixed to the left side of the stock. The lockplate is also stamped but is illegible and partiallly obscured by the percussion action.

  • Date: 1800-1830
  • Dimensions: H-4.75 W-4.8 L-50 Dia-1.5 inches
  • Makers Mark: "MINORIES LONDON." "H N BRANDER & POTTS" is stamped on the left breech.

  • Collection: Weaponry Collection
  • Object Name: Blunderbusses
  • Object Id: 1948.37.11

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