Comingtee Plantation, Mary Ann Royal

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Black and white photograph of an elderly Black woman identified as Mary Ann Royal seated in a rocking chair wearing a dark shirt, gingham skirt and white handkerchief on her head. Printed from a glass plate negative held in the Musuem's archives labeled, "#9 Coming Tee Maum Mary."

Laura Heyward Porcher White recounts in the Porcher Family History book (found in the South Carolina Historical Society) - "Maum Mary the old Nurse at 'Coming Tee' who took care of all the little children for many years."

Edward Ball also writes of her in "Slaves in the Family" stating she took the sur name Royal after she was granted freedom and describes her as "...the last mammy at Comingtee plantation before the Civil War."

Gift of the Laura Porcher White Estate.