Belle Isle Plantation (Georgetown County)

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Sepia photograph of the main house at Belle Isle Plantation (Georgetown County) before it was disassembled in 1929. A group of children can be seen with their dog on the rear lawn.

Mrs. Penniman sold her husband's family property to her brother, Frank Johnstone, in 1928 who created a public garden, known as the Belle Isle Gardens, at the plantation. When Mrs. Henry M. Sage of Albany, New York, signed a ten year lease in 1929 she decided the house was unlivable and purchased the Mendenhall house in Newberry County moving it to Belle Isle. Frank Johnstone used what materials were salvageable from the old house to build a house at nearby Mount Hope Plantation. The Mendenhall house was destroyed by fire in 1939, and in 1970, William S. Johnstone, developed the property into a residental resort complex.