January 20, 2024 - September 15, 2024 | Textile Gallery

Quilting has always been a means of creative expression, uniting color and pattern to form an object of purpose. Just as paint on canvas functions, the fabric pieces often work as artistic parameters, testing the visual acuity and imagination of the individual. We are pleased to announce a collaborative exhibition with the Gibbes Museum of Art in which abstract artwork will be displayed alongside the Museum’s quilts to showcase the artistic beauty of both mediums.
(left) Scrap Quilt, 1934<br>(right) <i>Untitled</i>  (Abstract) by Sallie Frost Knerr, ca. 1970s (left) Scrap Quilt, 1934
(right) Untitled (Abstract) by Sallie Frost Knerr, ca. 1970s