Sullivan's Island, Pitt Street Bridge

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Black and white photograph of Sullivan's Island as it looked when leaving the Pitt Street Bridge that once spanned Cove Inlet. An unidentified man, walking on a sidewalk, has just passed an auto repair shop and is walking toward the photographer. It is thought the photographer shot the image from Osceola Street looking west on Station 9 street. Caption on front, "#401 - Cove Inlet - Charleston East of Bridge Looking West". At this time the bridge was only used by automobiles.

At one time the Pitt Street Bridge was the only means to get from Mount Pleasant to the beaches of Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms. Operating as a trolley bridge from 1898 to 1927 it was widened in 1923 to allow for automobiles and was finally closed in 1945 when the Ben Sawyer Bridge opened.