John Rutledge House, 116 Broad Street

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Black and white photograph of the front exterior of the John Rutledge House.

Built c. 1763 by John Rutledge as a wedding gift to his wife Elizabeth Grimke; it is a four story rectangular stuccoed brick building. The original facade was done in the Georgian style but was changed to the present ornate facade in 1853 when then owner Thomas Norman Gadsden added terra cotta window lintels to the exterior as well as the intricate cast-ironwork done by Christopher Werner. He also added the end columns as well as the acanthus and anthemion motifs.

John Rutledge lived in the house from its construction until 1790. During that time he was President of South Carolina from 1776 to 1778 as well as the Governor from 1779 to 1782. He was also a member of the South Carolina Assembly, the Stamp Act Congress, the Continental Congress and the U.S. Constitutional Convention where he signed the U.S. constitution.

This image was used in "Gateways & Doorways," p. 16. Maxwell Kimball and George W. Johnson assisted with the photography for this project.