Folly Island Back Beach

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Sepia photograph of a house on the west side of Folly Island identified as being one of two houses on the island at the time. A figure can just be seen leaning on a post of the front porch and another stands in the middle of the two palm trees. The Folly River is visible in the background. Handwritten on reverse reads, "Home on back beach - only one of two on island." Also handwritten on reverse, "Property of Mrs. Courtenay Olney." Mrs. Courtenay Olney is thought to be Mary Helen Lee, wife of Courtenay and sister-in-law of Lottie S. Olney. This image was removed from the collection of the 1950s Folly Beach Township records available in the Manuscript Collection of the Archives.

Please contact the Museum's archivist with any information regarding the Olney family and/or early Folly Island development.