Science Jeopardy

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The Museum’s Curator of Natural History, Matthew Gibson, designed the following “Jeopardy” games based on a variety of lessons for children of all ages and grade levels. Inspired by lessons from the Museum’s Collections, these games can be used to enhance any child’s science lesson for the day. Played in teams or as a single match, you can search for other Jeopardy topics or make one of your own.

These games follow Jeopardy rules, and answers are in the form of a question.



Habitats for 100, Q: “Really cold environments are filled with this cool, white substance.”

A: “What is snow?”

(However, adapt the game as needed for younger players.)


General Science: 



Intro to Biology:

Cell Structure:

Cell Structure, Energy, and Reproduction:

Body Systems:


Genetics and Heredity:

DNA and RNA:


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Want to make your own? Just go to and be sure to share your educational Jeopardy games with us on Twitter, @chasmuseum!