Recent Acquisitions

The following are recent accessions for the Charleston Museum. 
Thank you to all of our wonderful donors!

Train conductor’s uniform coat & cap (above) worn by donor’s grandfather, James W. Gatch on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, c. 1904-1921; railroad memorabilia (including poster of the Palmetto Division No. 208 Order of Railway Conductors with photograph of James W. Gatch [pictured below]); memorial poster with portrait of Mary Ann Jacques, age 4 in 1888
Gift of Dorothy B. Schroder

1872 “Lost Cause” Memorial document with eight pieces of Confederate currency arranged around a poem by P. C. Carlton and portraits of Confederate leaders
Gift of Rev. & Mrs. James Parker in December 2012

Unfinished Battenburg lace bedspread and table cover, works in progress by donor’s aunt Mabel Petersen Wichman or grandmother, Doretta Bohlmann Petersen
Gift of Emilie Patton deLuca, Chapel Hill, NC

1956 Visitor Log from The Charleston Museum
Gift of Jeannette MacDougal

Four two-cent postage stamps celebrating the 250th Anniversary of Charleston, 1930 (left)
Gift of Howard Park, Washington, DC

Appliquéd and embroidered bedspread, Sunbonnet girl pattern, made in 1945 for the donor as a child in Myrtle Beach; portion of a biscuit quilt, started by Mary Elizabeth Howard Jenrette around 1913
Gift of Martha Elizabeth Moore Fields, Reston ,VA

Chintz appliqué quilt top, Trophy of Arms medallion, made by the donors’ great-great-great grandmother, Hannah Noland Henderson c. 1830
Gift of William Rutherford Trumble and Fitz Trumble, Belfast, ME & Aiken, SC

Three photographs of Elizabeth Steingaster Knapp wearing her World War I Red Cross headscarf (a previous donation)
Gift of Debbie Pratt

Pieces of currency and bank stock from Bank of Charleston and Bank of South Carolina, 1860-1876; South Carolina Interstate & West Indian Exposition ticket, 1902
Gift of Robert J. & Susan Chandler, Lafayette, CA

Archaeological materials from the Nathaniel Russell House recovered during testing, monitoring and installation of HVAC renovations
Gift of Historic Charleston Foundation

Two bills of sale for enslaved people purchased by George Lynes, 1844-45 (above)
Gift of Michele Moore, Atlanta, GA in memory of Ruby & Bill Walling