Wedding Fashion From the Collections of The Charleston Museum

The Charleston Museum’s Historic Textiles Collection contains a remarkable assortment of wedding attire and accessories, most of which relates directly to South Carolina and the Lowcountry. This collection includes over 80 gowns, dating from the early nineteenth to the late twentieth centuries, as well as veils, shoes, fans, and men’s attire. Published in conjunction with The Charleston Museum’s 2016 textile exhibit, “Unveiled: Wedding Fashion and Traditions in the South”, this booklet contains a sampling of those artifacts that present a timeline of wedding fashion spanning over 150 years.

Fashion evolves and tastes change over time, and, as evidenced by these wonderful collection pieces, wedding fashion trends are no exception. While some styles come and go, certain fashion traditions endure the test of time. This publication displays images of wedding dresses, women and men’s accessories, and grooms’ vests, as well as archive images, all of which showcase both the similarities and differences in fashion choices people have made for their special day. Captions under each image include details such as dates, names of the wearers, fabrics and more!


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