Bulls Bay Smoked Sea Salt

It’s hard to talk about Charleston and not mention the ocean in some way! Whether you wake up in the morning and breathe in the salty air, take a walk on the battery and watch the boats pass by, go for a swim at one of the surrounding beaches or try local seafood at any of the Lowcountry’s amazing restaurants, you’ve interacted with sea that surrounds our city. Bulls Bay Saltworks offers everyone an opportunity to take home that familiar taste and bring that salty Charleston essence into their kitchens! Not only is their salt pure, made with pristine water sourced from a protected Class 1 Wilderness Area, but also use solar and wind power to evaporate collected sea water resulting in a more sustainable and healthy harvesting practice and a low carbon footprint.

Bulls Bay Smoked Sea Salt is smoked with oak cut from the maker’s homestead, adding a complex taste and resulting in beautiful dark crystals. The hand-held grinder container makes it easy to use as you experiment with flavors! This salt can be paired with many foods – vegetables, eggs, chili, rice, and even cheeses!


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