Nighttime at the Museum – June 6, 2013

For one night a year, history comes alive at the Charleston Museum!

We turned the lights down low and asked our young visitors to bring their flashlights to explore our galleries. Historical figures roamed the halls. Spotted around the museum were British soldiers, a suffragette, Eliza Lucas Pinckney, medieval knights and ladies, soldiers from the 54th Massachusetts, colonial ladies and gentlemen, flappers and many more! Kids took part in military drills, made fans, investigated antique cars, wrote with quill pens, learn to write hieroglyphics and worked their way through a whooper of a scavenger hunt! Our curators had special displays out for the evening and shared interesting tidbits with our guests. Local artisans demonstrated everything from Gullah rag quilting to traditional weaving on a four-harness loom. In short, we all had a good time!






















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