Conversations with a Curator: Chief Curator Grahame Long on the Armory

Join chief curator Grahame Long on July 14 for an exclusive examination of The Charleston Museum’s esteemed weaponry collection. Though perhaps no longer the tremendously necessary tools they once were, weapons have remained quintessential components within the ongoing observations and studies of human history. Indeed the first founders of Carolina carried them as a means of pure survival, while much later Patriot and Confederate forces used them to defend their respective causes. Furthermore, Carolina gunsmiths were a vital part of the domestic economy as early as 1700. While some such as John Milner, William Glaze, and George Morse catered more to the needs of armed militias and other organizations, other locals like Francis Poyas, John Schirer, and Columbia’s Peter Kraft specialized in functional, yet highly decorative works of art.

Conversations with a Curator allows visitors a chance to have an intimate look at an exhibit in The Charleston Museum, hear stories, ask questions and spark conversations. The Museum’s collections are both extraordinary and diverse and each Curator-led talk and tour will allow participants to immerse themselves in different areas of Charleston’s history.

All Conversations with a Curator programs are open to the public and FREE for Members and free with admission.

Conversations with a Curator programs are typically held on the second Friday of each month, with a few exemptions.


07/14/2017, 10:30 am - 11:45 am


The Charleston Museum
360 Meeting Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29403

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