Armory Renovation at the Charleston Museum!

We are starting 2014 with a renovation to the Museum’s armory. Although a few things will be going back into storage, a few new firearms and edged pieces will be coming out.

Rest assured, however, all the old favorites will still be there including James Petigru’s dueling pistol, Henry Nock’s volley gun (left) and, of course, the headsman’s sword (right) (which set last year’s Weaponry Wednesday record for number of notes and re-tweets).

In any case, some new paint, new labels, and a general rearrangement of things have been long overdue in this particular section between the Museum’s first and second galleries. Stop in and see it soon!

The Charleston Museum’s history department continues to collect all manner of firearms, edged weapons, artillery and accouterments related with Charleston’s armed conflicts and beyond. The weaponry collection consists of over 600 pieces (so far!) dating from the American Colonial period on up through the 20th century with many Charleston and other southern gun and swordsmiths including John Michael Happoldt, F.D. Poyas, William Glaze and P.W. Kraft represented.

Grahame Long
Chief Curator