2018 Accessions

In 2018 some fascinating items were generously donated to The Charleston Museum’s collection. We are most grateful to the individuals and families who have helped to strengthen the Museums collections in making these gifts. Here’s a glimpse at some of what came in this year:

  1. Pleistocene fossils from the Bull River Formation, Charleston, SC. Donated by Plymouth City Museum.
  2. World War I era photographs of Clarence DeWitt Melton, Sr (donor’s grandfather); Memorial certificate signed by President Richard Nixon. Donated by Lynn A. Alessandro.
  3. A notebook and personal photograph albums kept by Franklin Frost Sams. Donated by Franklin Taliaferro Sams.
  4. 19th century silver ladle marked by John B. Dumoutet. Donated by Anonymous.
  5. 19th century silver cream pitcher and cups. Donated by Anonymous.
  6. Late 18th century archaeological materials collected from underwater sites by William Ripley (donor’s brother). Donated by Clements Ripley.
  7. Whale vertebra, skull fragment and ear bone; Turtle carapace fragment; 14 Mollusks. Donated by Phyllis Linville.
  8. One whole Mammoth tooth; 11 Mammoth tooth fragments; 74 fossilized shark teeth and various other skeletal specimens. Donated by the Estate of Hugh and Elizabeth Rutledge.
  9. Silver flatware and holloware engraved for Nathaniel Heyward and Daniel Heyward; Various silver pieces engraved with “NH” or “DH”. Donated by Mary (Mollie) Drayton Osteen.
  10. Two rice spoons engraved “NH” for Nathaniel Heyward and marked by Charleston silversmith Daniel Carrel, 1787-1801. Donated by Anne Drayton Nelson.
  11. One silver tea service engraved with the Manigault and Izard coat of arms and passed through the family. Donated by Gabrielle N. Barry, Mary A. Hlavaty, Anne Manigault Trott and Cambridge Munro Trott, IV, Hermena K. Trott and J. West Trott
  12. One silver christening cup, first given to a child of Margaret Heyward Huger Sinkler (1813-1888) and James Sinkler (1810-1854) and passed through the family. Donated by the Estate of Mary Lynch McQueen.
  13. World War II handwritten memos, books, silver, photographs and correspondence to and from Robert Latané Montague (donor’s father). Donated by Constance Montague Baldwin.
  14. 18th century dress worn by Harriott Pinckney Horry; 18th century dress worn by Mary Sarah Lightwood Peronneau; 19th century child’s silk taffeta dress; One waistcoat worn by Henry Laurens; 18th century silk embroidered waistcoat; One pin cushion owned by Eliza Lucas Pinckney. Donated by The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the State of South Carolina.
  15. Early 20th century pamphlet with artwork by Sabina E. Wells. Donated by Regina Gay Carter.
  16. Bill of sale for enslaved girl named Ester, 9 years old; Reproduction letter signed by Abraham Lincoln. Donated by Carl R. Boyd, MD.
  17. One World War I Navy Uniform; Two World War II Navy Uniforms, one government issued and other tailor made; Two Vietnam War era Naval Chaplain jackets; US Navy garment bag. Donated by James Doffin.
  18. Women’s silk and cotton undergarment inherited by Marie Louise Le Gardeur Richards (donor’s grandmother). Donated by Cecile Richards Fletcher.
  19. One honorary degree cowl presented to donor by the College of Charleston. Donated by Dr. John Brumgardt.
  20. Receipt of the death of an enslaved person named George while working on fortifications on Sullivan’s Island. Donated by George Minson, MD.
  21. Two signed prints of the columns of the old Charleston Museum, made from an 8×10 photograph by donor. Donated by Bobby Brown.
  22. Cotton seeds and ginned cotton from Bleak Hall Plantation, grown and harvested on Point of Pines Plantation. Donated by William M. McLean.
  23. Wedding attire worn by Kayla and Kristen Bennett. Donated by Kayla and Kristen Bennett.
  24. Archaeological collections recovered at the Dill Sanctuary by Brockington and Associates.
  25. Photographs and slides recording the history and activities of the South Carolina Ports Authority. Donated by the South Carolina Ports Authority.
  26. 14 color photographs of Hurricane Hugo damage. Donated by Les Greenawalt.
  27. Materials collected by metal detecting course and survey by the Advanced Metal Detecting for the Archaeologist at the Dill Sanctuary.
  28. Several photographs, documents, booklets and albums commemorating the commissioning and launching of the USS “South Carolina” and the USS “L. Mendel Rivers”; Autographed photograph of L. Mendel Rivers and Margaret Middleton Rivers (donor’s parents) with President Lyndon B. Johnson and the First Lady; Photograph of L. Mendel Rivers in profile signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson; Various newspaper clippings of L. Mendel Rivers and General Douglas MacArthur; Silver-plated hammer, authentication stamp and glass bottle fragment in presentation case for the USS “L. Mendel Rivers”; Silver presentation platter; Child’s chair with embroidered seat and back from the home of SC Governor James Hopkins Adams; Three kimonos given to  Margaret Middleton Rivers by Madame Chaing Kai-shek. Donated by Margaret Middleton Rivers Eastman.
  29. Autographed photographs of President Lyndon B. Johnson and L. Mendel Rivers (donor’s father); 19th century set of silver and bone flatware; Early 19th century fish service pieces with family provenance to Captain William Bligh. Donated by Lucius Mendel Rivers, Jr.
  30. 59 Iron lighting pieces dating from the mid-to-late 18th century. Donated by Mark Hill Zizzamia.
  31. Hand-drawn map with notations of Charleston, SC harbor during the Civil War, c. 1863. Donated by Charles Philip Toussaint.