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Special Archives Tour: The Bird Illustrations of Alexander Wilson, Mark Catesby, and John James Audubon

The Charleston Museum is offering Special Archives Tours beginning in the fall. These tours, led by the Museum's Archivist and Collections Manager Jennifer McCormick, will allow participants an exc... (learn more)

Kid Tours: Cash and Coins

There is a lot of funny money around here. See our collection of confederate cash, Spanish reales, and coins from around the world. Kid Tours meet the first Wednesday of every month at 3:30 p.m. an... (learn more)

Calligraphy Workshops

Join us at The Charleston Museum on September 6 for Calligraphy workshops!  Come and learn about the beautiful art of decorative handwriting and lettering design with instructor and profession... (learn more)

Toddler Day: Bear and Friends

Celebrate the stories of Bear written by Karma Wilson- Bear Gets Scared, Bear Snores On, and more. These classes are designed for toddlers (18 months - 3 years) and a parent, grandparent, or friend... (learn more)