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Alligator Doll

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Alligators are indigenous to the Carolinas, but this little guy is certainly not one to fear! This friendly, plush ‘gator is a Charleston Native, made locally by toy company Finkelsteins Center. Our favorite part about the Finkelstein animals is that each doll is an original, handmade by the Team Fink toymakers right here in our city. If you’re looking for a sweet and safe gift for a young child, his eyes are stitched there’s so no need to worry about loose objects. Furthermore, this little ‘gator is eco-conscious about his home, and wears a repurposed t-shirt. He’s the perfect size for a travel, sleeping, or walking buddy, measuring approximately 20" tall and  7" wide. So feel free to bring him with you as you walk through the Museum, walk around King Street, or hop on a plane! He doesn’t mind bath either after a day of fun—machine wash this doll on gentle and let him air dry. This special alligator is made from polyfiber, fleece, and cotton materials. It’s hard not to give a name to such an adorable and unique animal but, as his new owners, we’ll let you decide! Pick him up here at The Charleston Museum or have him deliver right to your home!