When Giants Ruled the Lowcounty: Mammals of the Pleistocene

In a second of two special exhibits drawing from the Museum’s extensive paleontology collection, we are pleased to present When Giants Ruled the Lowcountry: Mammals of the Pleistocene, beginning August 17, 2015. This special exhibit will focus on the creatures that roamed the Lowcountry during the Pleistocene Epoch, commonly referred to as the Ice Age, which spanned from roughly 2.5 million years ago to around 12,000 years ago. Although the Lowcountry was not covered in ice as were other parts of North America, the same types of animals associated with the Ice Age, such as mammoths, mastodon and giant ground sloths, thrived here. The exhibit will explore the diverse forms of life that inhabited the Lowcountry and possible reasons as to why these animals became extinct.