On Parade, Into Battle: Military Uniforms from the American Revolution to the Present

From June 26, 2015 - January 10, 2016, the Charleston Museum is pleased to present a new exhibition that chronicles the history of military uniforms from the Revolutionary War to the present, demonstrating the evolution of military dress from the formal, stiff attire of the 18th and 19th centuries to the more functional and utilitarian clothing of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Highlights include Thomas Pinckney's rare Revolutionary War silk coat, a range of Confederate uniforms from the American Civil War, clothing from the various service organizations of the First and Second World Wars and uniforms of some of our country's earliest servicewomen.


From Land To Sea

This exhibit will display whale fossils dating as far back at the late Eocene (roughly 35 million years ago) as well as the Oligocene (spanning from 33 to 23 million years ago). This exquisite and internationally renowned collection gives researchers an important look at how whales have evolved from their terrestrial ancestors. Modern whale specimens will also be displayed to show just how much whales have changed through time.

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Storeroom Stories

The Charleston Museum has incredible resources. We would like to use these resources to share more with the public. Therefore, the Museum will now be offering a special monthly exhibit, titled Storeroom Stories, which highlights a specific and unique artifact, personally hand-picked by a curator to share with the public.

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